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Concierge Services

Our Elite Concierge Coaching packages are ideal for those whose lifestyle, schedule, or specific needs require flexible and personalized accommodations. These packages provide you with the support and coaching services you need by a licensed clinician, while never having to come into the office (unless you'd like to! check out our Choice Package!).


The benefits of this service include flexible scheduling and greater access to your coach while you save time and money. Keep in mind, these services should not be utilized in lieu of therapy-we want you to reach your personal wellness goals and we don't believe in shortcuts. We DO believe that times are changing and we are excited to offer quality, convenient, coaching services in the form of these packages. 

Unlimited Messaging

Message with your coach at any time, from anywhere! 

We use only services that are HIPPA compliant, secure, and accessible via your mobile device or computer.

Check out our packages

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